Division of duties between the Rector and the Academic Rector of the University of Eastern Finland

The Rector leads the university’s operations and is responsible for the profitability, cost-efficiency and effectiveness of the university’s activities. The Rector is responsible for the strategic development of research and for university-level commitments relating to research funding and innovation activities, and the Rector approves the university’s patent applications and commercialisation agreements.

The Academic Rector is responsible for education and teaching as a whole. In addition, the duties of the Academic Rector encompass the following (delegation decision 11 Oct 2019):

1) Development of research in collaboration with the Rector and in accordance with the university’s strategy, and especially the development of the university’s processes relating to research funding in collaboration with the faculties.

2) Development of education in accordance with the university’s strategy and especially in the following focus areas:

- development of international education

- development of the Doctoral School and the doctoral programmes

- continuous learning.

3) Development of internal and external communication, as well as strengthening of the university’s societal impact.

4) Development of processes relating to knowledge management in order to support the management of the faculties, schools and departments.


In addition, the Academic Rector hires

- persons to permanent positions in the university's four-stage career model, excluding professors and Tenure Track assistant professors and postdoctoral researchers

- persons to teaching and research positions at the Language Centre, and persons to work directly under the directors of the Language Centre and Aducate

- academy research fellows.


For the independent institutes and service centres, the Pharmacy and the Library fall under the responsibility of the Rector, and the Centre for Training and Development Aducate and the Language Centre under the responsibility of the Academic Rector.

The duties of the Rector and the Academic Rector are further defined in the University Regulations, and the division of the duties in the Regulations on Authorised Signatories.