Research in the Faculty of Science and Forestry

Strategic research areas at the faculty

The Faculty of Science and Forestry is a key implementer of the strategy of the University of Eastern Finland in the following top-level international research areas:

Advanced-level strong research areas developed by the faculty in line with the strategy of the University of Eastern Finland include

  • Photonics – Theory, Materials and Applications (Physics and Mathematics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Biology)
  • Translational Cancer Research (Environmental Science)
  • Musculoskeletal Disorders (Applied Physics, Physics and Mathematics)

The University of Eastern Finland has identified as emerging research areas in line with its strategy for 2015-2018

  • Methods and Applications of Uncertainty Modelling (Applied Physics)
  • Aquatic Research in Changing World (Biology, Environmental Science, Applied Physics)

The faculty has itself identified the forest-based bioeconomy as a promising emerging research area.

Research at the Departments

Department of Physics and Mathematics

Department of Applied Physics
Department of Chemistry
School of Forest Sciences
School of Computing
Department of Environmental and Biological Sciences