Management reviews

The review procedure included in quality management systems compliant with the ISO9000 standard refers to a regular and systematic review by the organisation’s leadership into the functionality, sufficiency, impact and efficiency of the quality management system in view of the organisation’s quality policy and quality objectives.

Activities are evaluated on a regular basis as part of ensuring the functionality of the university’s Quality Management System.
The management review is one procedure for evaluating the achievement of the strategic goals.

The UEF Leadership Group discusses data relating to the university’s activities throughout the year. Once a year, the UEF Leadership Group holds a meeting that focuses on the management review. The university's Quality Manager is in charge of compiling basic information for the management review. The management review focuses on the previous year’s quality indicators as well as on the Quality Manager’s summary of internal audits and other audits and evaluations. 

The management review involves:

- establishing the university's quality policy and quality objectives

- the results of the previous year’s audits

- the results of the previous year’s evaluations and strategic risk management, as well as significant external reviews and reports pertaining to the university

- customer feedback and achievement of the quality objectives

- capacity and compliance with the requirements of processes

- situation relating to corrective and pre-emptive measures

- measures taken as a result of previous management reviews

- a summary of the performance agreement negotiations

- a summary of internal auditing

- occurred changes which may have an impact on the Quality Management System

- development of the Quality Management System

- suggestions for development.

The management review report, undersigned by the Rector, specifically focuses on observations relating to the development of the activities. The report is a public document, made available in the university’s quality website, and the original report is stored in accordance with archiving regulations.

The quality manuals of the faculties and units define their own practices relating to the management review. They are, however, required to organise at least one event similar to the management review per year.