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What is The Finnish-Russian Cross-Border University?

The CBU is a university consortium of seven highly recognized universities in Russia and Finland. The seven CBU universities are together offering Master’s Degree Programmes in four study fields. Read more »

What are the basic admission criteria?

The basic admission criteria for applicants are a Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent, 180 ECTS) and a good command of academic English. Annual student intake in each CBU Master’s Programme is approximately 20 students. Apply today »

The CBU Master’s Degree Programmes

Our Master’s Degree Programmes offer a unique possibility to carry out studies in English both in Finland and Russia. The Master’s Courses include studies in at least one Finnish and one Russian university. Read more »

The CBU Curricula

The CBU Curricula are designed for the Master’s Degree university studies according to the Bologna Process in Europe. The curricula are also meeting the requirements of each CBU Partner University. Read more »

Did you know about Quality Assurance System (QAS) in CBU?

The CBU quality assurance system is developed by the seven CBU universities to jointly guarantee the high quality of the Master’s Programmes and their providers by a continuous and regular development process. Read more »

Do you want to study at the CBU?

The basic requirements for applicants are a Bachelor’s degree and a good command of academic English. The student selection is based on success in earlier studies and level of motivation.

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CBU Master's Degree Programmes

At the Finnish-Russian Cross-Border University CBU you can join a Master’s Degree Programme in four fields of study. You can choose one of the following:

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